Help! - Hoping to switch to F500 Corp Finance from a possible pigeonhole!

Hey everyone,

I am currently a Senior in college about to graduate in a few months and I recently accepted an Audit Analyst position (essentially Internal Audit/Risk Management) at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as apart of their 2 year Corporate Audit Analyst Program. I was really hyped for applying because I thought it would be an awesome experience as far as getting to know the ins and outs of Bank of America. It turns out that wasn't the case.

Unfortunately, I researched some more after accepting the and read that Internal Audit is not a great career path especially coming out of college because it pigeonholes you and the only other opportunities outside of Internal Audit is more internal audit unfortunately. This doesn't really fall along my future career plans since I would eventually like to go get my MBA and then possibly transition to consulting or possibly even IB. From what I read, I don't think a career in Internal audit can get me to either of those career goals. What's worse is that I can't renege since I would get in some beef with our career services and it may affect my graduation.

Last summer I interned at Boeing in their Procurement Finance division. I enjoyed the work, but I chose to reject the offer hoping I would find something "better" and it turns out this internal audit gig was that "better opportunity".I realize now that a F500 career path would offer me more opportunities down the road and won't pigeonhole me. That along with the fact that I have had experience in the F500 corporate finance route is why I would love to make the switch to that route if possible.

With all of this, WSO members I could use your much needed advice, guidance, and suggestions on this issue. Any feedback is greatly appreciated whether its good or bad news.

TL;DR: Accepted Internal Audit offer at Bank of America Merill Lynch looking to see if F500 CorpFin transition is possible!