How are my chances for BB I-bank recruiting this fall?

So I'm going to be a junior at University of Miami this fall with a 3.8 gpa and two prior internships.

I just finished an Asset Management internship at a BB in New York City in their Alternative Investments group last week and summer before I worked in a family business (not finance related, but I still developed an idea of the business world etc...)

I have good E.Cs, and know a good deal of technical information even though I'm not a finance or accounting major(DCF, APV, WACC, basic financial statements....)

I have people at the BB that I was at this summer that are willing to help me out and write me recommendations in order to help me get into the IBD at that BB.

I have tried contacting some Wall St. alumni from my school, but, quite frankly there aren't many on the Street.

I just wanted to know if I have a fighting chance or if its a long-shot and I'm better off pursuing a couple other industries that I'm also very interested in.

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Aug 8, 2007

You have no shot of being recruited this Fall.

Try in January, though.

Aug 9, 2007

What's the difference between Fall and January

Aug 8, 2007

Your key asset is going to be the people at the BB who know you. If you leverage the hell out of them, you should have a reasonable chance.

Aug 8, 2007

well I'm not going for Full-Time brisbane, what do you think about SA recruiting in January?

Aug 9, 2007

That's a lie- fall recruiting at my bank is still as many recruiters as u's war and it's called winning. Hustle and fight for those interviews.

Aug 9, 2007

brisbane is right,
fall is when i banks recruit for full time.
since you are an aspiring S.A., banks start looking into them from mid dec/early jan onwards.

Aug 9, 2007