How Do I Approach MF Full-Time Analyst Recruiting?

Hey guys,

I am a a currently a rising junior at a mid-level target and have accepted a Summer 2019 SA offer from a top IB(MS, GS, EVR). I know I'm a bit ahead of the timeline here, but I would like to start my full-time career in PE, and I understand that there are a number of MFs with analyst programs. Top students in my school have access to a few of these opportunities(WP, LGP, Bain Capital), but we do not garner attention from the majority of funds with structured analyst programs. I'm looking for advice on how to best position myself, particularly from a recruiting perspective, for MF PE opportunities directly out of my 2019 IB SA stint.

In all likelihood, I sound like an overeager and uninformed monkey who drank a little too much of the WSO kool-aid, but I've done my research and know that this is what I want. To level the playing field, I feel that it may be best to begin reaching out before junior summer, at which the point the H/W kids who are usually tapped for opportunities like this will begin to focus their attention on the FT transition. I can also see the benefits of getting in contact before the summer position kicks off so as to not have recruiting take away from my performance and piss off members of my group.

This community has been a terrific resource to me throughout my UG career, and I most certainly would not have landed my SA gig without the information I picked up on WSO. If you guys can be of any help to me on this one as well, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd especially love it if someone with MF experience, perhaps at the analyst level, could chime in.

Thanks in advance!

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May 24, 2018


May 25, 2018

Just email the current analysts and ask how they did it and if they'll loop you in when recruiting happens.

May 25, 2018

You can be proactive about it to an extent, but would focus on doing well over your summer and getting a return offer. If you don't have an offer from your Top BB, that basically kills any shot you have of moving to a MF PE in an analyst role.

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May 25, 2018

Totally want to stress this - nobody in banking likes the kids (mostly H/W) who blab about PE the first day on the desk and clearly give zero F***s about the job they are just starting.

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Aug 25, 2018