I need some career advice.( Stuck)

I have an mphil in economics. Since I found it hard, my grades are not that good and I sold myself kind of short without realizing it the day I accepted my first job. 

I knew little about finance, and acceptet a job as a Treasury adviser for an international company. After a couple of years I startet at a different company as a Treasury controller. I had no idea it meant getting stuck at the Mid/ Back Office section. I have been there many years because the company is great and nobody quits their Front Office jobs neither, so the turn over is 0. I can work from home, pick up my kids early and take days off at any time for an ok salary. What makes me sad is knowing I could do better. I have a master and my collegues have bachelor degrees. I am bored and I feel depressed about not having done better in life after all the hard work in school. What I like about my job is when I look at risks and I get to read macroeconomics. I report on it, but I wish I could analyze more.

Every month I explain what happened with the market in a summary to explain the balance sheet, which is as fun as it gets. I get to use a tiny bit of my master ( some macro economics)

I take an investment class for fun now. Not enough to learn in my position unless I study.

A bank has called me for a Market Risk position. I was about to say yes, but I have 2 concerns:

  1. Work / life balance. Will it ever be as great as it is today?

  2. Will they outsource the department to a low cost country?

  3. What else can I do? Quit Treasury for good after 8 years and transfer to a different department where I am? Maybe become a project manager in the long run?

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Sep 12, 2021 - 12:06am

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