I'm 15 Years-Old - Where Do I start?

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Hi All,

I'm a 15-year-old homeschooler obsessed with finance looking to start my journey in investment banking/economics. A little young, I know :). First of all, I wanted to preface this by saying I'm under no illusion of the reality of finance: crunching numbers, building models, analyzing data, finding trends, etc.

I guess I should start this post where it all started for me: The Young Entrepreneurs' Academy.

Through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, I experienced all aspects of formal business creation: filing an LLC, crunching numbers (cost analysis, quarterly projections, etc.), writing a 25+ page business plan, and honing networking skills. I participated in the local competition, in which I placed first and received funding from several institutions including Morgan Stanley, The Chamber of Commerce, Toyota, and Plaza Bank. I then flew to Arizona to compete in the regional competition against twelve states and pitched my prospective company to top executives from Sam's Club and other venture capital firms. I received the Founder's Award and placed second in the regional competition.

With the proceeds from my various businesses, I decided to invest in the stock market. I spent hundreds of hours studying the U.S, commodity, and cryptocurrency markets and read everything from The Only Game in Town to The Turtle Trader. As a homeschooler, mentors are an especially important aspect of my day to day learning. So, I attended business presentations and initiated correspondence with the presenters, including Mohamed El-Erian (a renowned billionaire and chief economic advisor). I also approached *****, a well-known quantitative analyst and creator of ******* to mentor me and he kindly agreed. To put my education to work, I began with paper trading to test a system I developed. Once I felt confident in my system, I began investing and gained 30 percent capital gain over the course of 12 months.

To support my 'real world' education and ensure a curriculum that incorporates rigor and depth into my daily studies, I completed college-level coursework. Courses such as Behavioral Economics from Toronto University and Entrepreneurship 101, 102, and 103 from MIT deepened my understanding and confirmed my sustained interest in finance. Furthermore, I took a week-long course at NYU titled "Finance NYC: An Insider's View"

Currently, I'm attempting to learn how to build pretty complex financial models and mastering Microsoft Excel. Also, I'm in the process of creating a nonprofit website to give teens' access to more concise, simplistic financial literacy.


Now that you have a little background about me to go off, the question I'm posting is, "what now?". I'm currently located in the Los Angeles Area, but might be moving to Jersey City. I'm testing out of high school in a few months, and then I'll be on the prowl for an internship for my remaining year until university.

I have plenty of spare time - should I try to get an internship? I've heard it's hard for even MBA students to land an internship, what chance do I have?

If so, where? How?

If not, what else?

Thanks for all your help, I apologize for writing a story - this is my first post.

**** Name redacted for privacy purposes.