I graduated from undergrad in '07. Upon graduating, I began working at an asset management firm as a junior research analyst (generalist). Less than three months into the job, I was contacted by a hedge fund with whom I interviewed during the prior school year and was obviously rejected from. I was told that they were interested in hiring another analyst and I inevitably ended up switching firms.

I'd appreciate any advice on whether or not I should include my brief experience with the asset management firm. If I were to not include it, my only relevant experience would be the hedge fund (I didn't do any finance-related internships while in school). As it stands, 3/4ths of my resume is dedicated towards highlighting my current job. Downsides I can think of include: 1. it may look strange only having one source of work experience (regardless of the fact that I am less-than-two years out of school; and 2. it would likely make for a harder interview when going over my background (of course this would be irrelevant if leaving it off produces more interviews. Downsides associated with including it are: 1. appears as though I jump ship easily; and 2. my role at the asset management firm was less signficant than that at my current fund.

I've asked a few other people for their advice on the issue and I've gotten mixed results. I didn't think posting the actual resume was necessary, but if it is please let me know and I will do so.


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It's important for your to current job to take up most of the space for the reasons you already give. But I would definitely put the asset man. job down because it adds color to your resume - it will explain the time gap and the more experience the better. Recruiters know people change jobs all the time and you can always explain it.

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