Internal transfer after SA

I'm a junior at a target (USNWR top 5) majoring in Economics with a 3.7 gpa. I'll interning at an upper tier BB in NYC this summer in a capital markets role, but I'm more interested in traditional IB (coverage/M&A/LevFin, etc) for FT. What's the best way for me to network within my BB for traditional IB roles? Is it best to do it ahead of my internship start or during? I'd be thrilled to land FT in one of these roles at my current BB.
Alternatively, is it too early to begin networking with other banks to try to get ahead for FT recruiting? Unsure about the optics of networking with other groups in my BB/going to other banks. Thanks!

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Apr 16, 2018

Is the capital markets role similar to bankings (origination/DCM)? If so, its easy to lateral if you network well and the backing of an influential MD.

Apr 16, 2018

In the corporate derivative solutions/FICC role, so a bit father from ECM and DCM.

Apr 16, 2018