Is it possible for me to have an internship in China? IBD,AM?

Hello everybody,
First I want to thank you for the time, I will try to cut it short. I am a foreign student who is doing a bachelor degree in Beijing/UIBE. I am in my third year, and I am fluent in Mandarin, passed HSK-5 2 years ago, taking all my courses in Mandarin.

I am highly interested in valuation, modeling and research, love doing research particularly in Healthcare & Tech. And want to be competent in the Chinese healthcare sector in the future. Love reading clinical research etc..

I am in my third year and applied a couple of firms but I am really not confident in finding a solution to my internship problem. By the way, I am not from the U.S so, China HongKong or Singapore is my best chance. And I don't have the political or relationship capital.

Thank you for your advice in advance.

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Aug 10, 2019 - 12:37am

I lived in China and HK for about a year during college and looked into banking so I have a tiny bit of insight...

Not to be a downer, but if you're not from China or any of those places, you have a low likelihood of receiving a "good internship" at a reputable international firm or a domestic champion. All of these countries are pretty strict on citizenship being a requirement, and they probably wouldn't waste visas on a non-revenue generator. Either way, your best bet is on campus recruiting, because otherwise you have nothing going for you except multilingualism, which many Chinese and literally all HKers and Singaporeans have.

If it were me, I'd get off WSO to find/get on the phone with other foreigners who have made it in China/HK, especially those from your school. Because, I don't think blind resume dropping will work for you. You will most likely need someone to recommend you internally.

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Aug 13, 2019 - 3:23am

It's definitely possible to have an internship China (Beijing/Shanghai/HK). Problem is that internship programs are not well-structured so you need to network a lot to land one unless it's a formal summer internship.

I know some foreigners doing internships here especially when you speak Chinese well. It's not easy but definitely doable and UIBE has a great alumni base in banking. Since you are doing a bachelor I would assume you have the required visa.


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