KU Leuven?

Ok so I am an Asian student trying to get into Finance or Consulting roles post graduation and I have applied to many Targets in their respective countries, namely LSE, Bocconi, Erasmus Rotterdam, SSE, Ivey AEO and the usual US targets.

Since I am an international student asking for aid, the US targets are pretty much a reject spree for me unless there is a miracle and they admit, if that happens, US it is, if not, LSE has its own uncertainities because of their high focus on Personal Statement, sometimes evn more than Grades; Ivey being another difficult to get into school as it is with 8% acceptance rate and Bocconi, Erasmus and SSE being semi targets even with language proficiency for LDN offices and their tuition fees being seemingly higher than the marginal benefit of attending their undergrad (over 12k eur p/year and HCOL cities).

So I was thinking, as a safety school KU Leuven seems not that bad. Definitely a top school for BeNeLux region, 100% acceptance rate for non -Medecine courses, surprisingly little fees (3k euros), classes in English, course for local languages, and more recently, post study work visa for an year being approved. What I am currently thinking is that if the aforementioned targets reject me and the semi targets dont offer any scholarships or aid, attending KU Leuven for Bachelors wont be the worst idea. After bachelors tho, if I recieve really good grades, get decent internships and get some standout ECs, I might get into to MiM programs like St Gallen or HEC or maybe even LBS/LSE. Do you think Leuven is worth the risk of being a safety or should I look elsewhere like Warsaw School of Econ or WU Vienna or Charles.

I cannot stay on my country at all due to some family related reasons and I have been looking around and this seems it to be the best safety options. Any thoughts on this?

PS: I have no problem with acquiring languages and I am already a multilingual person with 4 different language proficiencies namely English, Hindi, French (B1 going to give B2), Korean (conversational), and maybe add Basic German (only A1 though rn)

{I am not a partner in consulting my phone is glitching}

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Oct 6, 2021 - 1:07pm

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