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I'm graduating in May of this year, and I've been looking into litigation consulting. I was just wondering what sort of college stats that places would be looking for (GPA, EC, Internships). I've had 2 internships that have 0 relation to consulting, and a GPA slightly below 3.5 (in Economics). Is it too late for me to try and get into this field? I imagine I would not get anything close to an interview at places like Cornerstone, but are there any smaller places that I might be able to get an interview with? Thank you in advance for any input

Edit: also, i'm at rutgers

I would also like to ask, what are some things I can do in the coming months to have a stronger chance at an interview at one of these places?

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Sep 18, 2009


Sep 20, 2009

It may be hard to snag a consulting internship at MBB but there are definitely regional consulting / smaller consulting firms that do the same type of work. These internship / full time positions have less formal recruiting processes, where you can get consideration by emailing and networking.

I would network and try to participate in a consulting-type organization at your school - would give you a taste of the work, show your commitment to the industry, and perhaps even give you some contacts from alums. I know of three people who worked at a consulting group at their respective schools, leveraged alumni contacts (who served as mentors to the university group), and subsequently received a HUGE leg up in the interviewing process (full time and internship). The type of thinking that you are exposed to in a prior consulting experience (even one at school) will also be great prep for the interview process.

Good luck, feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Sep 21, 2009