MBB - Apply for Associate Consultant, or Consultant? Profile Evaluation

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This got long quickly, sorry - abbreviated stats at the bottom

I'm a little unsure if I could apply for Associate Consultant, or Consultant. My work hasn't been the most quant-heavy, but I'm leaning toward consultant. I'm a 3rd party Project Manager for Hospital Capital Projects - new construction, remodels, and major equipment swap-outs - basically a consultant for a niche industry. I'm in one of the top 5 largest US cities

Basically I consult with the client user group to determine needs, evaluate scope and create budget with architects, engineers, and any other required specialists. I create the budget, schedule, define risks and expectations, and oversee/manage the project from start to finish. I've been doing this for the past year. Before this I managed construction projects in another industry for 2.5 years.

I have a BS and Masters of Architecture from a non-target, large State School - 3.11 GPA

I recently scored a 650 on the GMAT - Q44 V35 - not awesome or anything so I might try again for 700+

I went through one of Bain's case studies they have on their website, and the answers came pretty easily for me - almost seemed like common sense. I haven't done any prep for cases, so I will probably study the Victor Cheng material.

Can anyone at one of the MBB's provide some insight how I might be viewed?

tl;dr - Masters of Arch, BS Arch, 3.11 GPA, 650 GMAT (Q44 V35), 3 years project management experience