MBB West Coast Offices

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Can anyone provide a comparison of the MBB west coast offices (LA, SF for all, Seattle for McK). Also, I've heard local business is flat, thus you can bank and traveling out of state more than one would if one were located in the Midwest/East coast - any truth to this?

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I've heard that that's true for Bain SF - it's a big office, but SF doesn't support a ton of business, so they end up traveling out the wazoo. That might be a little dated, though.

One of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip passing over.

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Bain SF travels much less than McK SF or BCG SF I think. Max 50% are travel cases I've heard, and this is consistent with Bain's rep of traveling less than the other two MBBs.


I'm curious as to this as well, especially for the LA offices. Any insight?


I'm curious as well. Any insight on any or all of MBB in Los Angeles concerning lifestyle, reputation, travel, etc.?


I've heard that McK and Bain are much stronger in LA than BCG. Not a lot of evidence, but mostly passing comments.


BCG blows. Really not on the same level as Bain and McK.


Hmm... you dug up a thread that's over a month old just to say that? I'm guessing you didn't get an offer, huh?


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