Morgan Stanley IBD 1st Round Interviews

MS comes to campus in a week or so. Has anybody been through their first rounds before? Are they similar to GS in that 1st rounds are strictly fit questions or do they like to grill people with technicals as well in the first round? Any advice on how to prepare? Thanks in advance!

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Sep 22, 2007 - 11:33pm
You've been through the first round and didn't get any technicals? My background is: target school, finance major, 3.8 GPA, summer at another BB with offer. Any advice?

I don't know about MS, but at my bank once an applicant has a track record at other BB, we move straight in to technical stuff. Start out by asking you about your internship, did you get an offer, why you haven't taken it etc. Then drill down on experience within internship. What did you do, what did you learn? Any topic you bring up (modelling etc), we will then attack that particular topic with a technical bias. Thought process is if you have spent a summer doing it, you should know it pretty much inside out.

Generally speaking, we don't worry too much about fit questions once the candidate has a track record with an offer. Normally HR does the fit/behavioural stuff, yet when fast-tracked we don't do the HR round. If we do, it's a formality. Just don't say anything stupid I guess.

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Sep 23, 2007 - 11:53pm

dude, i just had a first round on campus. i am an econ major with no i-banking experience whatsoever, and they still grilled the shit out of me. it was ridiculous. i tried telling them that i had no background in finance and accounting, and they didn't care. they went as far as to start taunting me when i took more than a second to walk them through the discounted cash flow method.

it worked out in the end, but yeah, they might just pull out lots of technicals during the first round. it certainly happened to me....

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