Moving from Private Equity to Investment Banking (HELP)

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently on a very delicate situation.
I am a second year PE analyst working at Top PE house in the Middle East. I will be leaving my job in the coming weeks ( nearly confirmed), I have never worked in IB before and I have friends who can get me interviews in BB IB in the region as well as top Boutiques. PE opportunities are very limited in the region, i have been in touch with a couple of HH but barely any analyst openings on the market
My questions are
1) how common do you see analysts jumping from PE to IB? and how is that seen by recruiters?
2) what story of why jumping from PE to IB can i sell during my interview, except from I have no choice and IB is my only good bet right now or I will be unemployed for a couple of month until i find a suitable PE job

I dont mind doing IB as long as I keep my CV with no big holes

Any advice or examples of people who went trough the same problem would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance


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Mar 18, 2018

I think it makes sense to recruiters if it is for a relocation or if you are junior. It may be harder to sell the reason if it is in the same location and you are more senior.

Mar 19, 2018

I am planning to stay at the same location
I am a junior but the problem is the question will come up at every interview

Mar 20, 2018

What comes to my mind is spinning the idea of more exposure to deal execution.
It's definitely not the same case, but I know a guy who left a reputable (within a EU country) MM PE to join a 2nd tier IB (same country). Despite we didn't talk about the reasons of the change, I'm quite confident the slower pace in PE played a role.

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Mar 20, 2018

I feel like working at Abraaj right now is as good a reason as any for leaving private equity.

Mar 23, 2018

guessing you're at... Abraaj?

Jan 15, 2020

Hi, any update on your situation? would be very keen to get one.

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Jan 17, 2020
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