Moving into macro/commods from EB?

Going to be a summer analyst in an EB in London (think Laz/Evr/CVP) but don't know what team yet. Quite interested in commodity trading and would like to make the move to a macro hf and focus on commods or alternatively a trading house like trafigura or glencore. I'm unsure how recruiting for this would go assuming I try doing so as an analyst, what team should I try joining?

I'm aware generally its S&T that exits into the macro space but I'm wondering how rigid this is in London. If doing so from an EB FT position isn't really feasible then I could do a master's and leverage my EB internship to try and land a BB/supermajor trading role or try recruit directly into places like brevan/glencore etc

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Nov 15, 2021 - 2:22pm

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