I'm 99% certain I'll choose Stockholm School of Economics. I don't mind SSE being two years since I'm in no hurry to graduate, and since I'm only a math minor, I think the ICL program would completely devour me.

My amateur impression is that a coin flip would suffice since they are both good programs? They'll both get me (provided full academic devotion of course) a relevant job in Europe, but it would be nice to get some quick input from some professionals. Thanks

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SSE is definitely heavily targeted in London. Imperial is good if you want to go in to S&T/more of a quant role.




Thanks guys.


SSE - great reputation and hot chicks.



As I mentioned before SSE placement is phenomenal. Imperial more S&T focused yes, also good program.

Flip a coin, you will find some pros and cons for each.

"too good to be true"

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Please look at the dates of the above posts guys...


guys, recruiters for SSE want candidates to speak scandinavian languages for their nordic desks. Apart from hot girls and an easy going life, Imperial is much better for London recruitment.


What are the Maths requirements for Imperial's master in finance?


SSE only places Swedes (Nordic markets are huge) and Germans (they don't have good schools) in London, other nationalities will have major difficulties unless you have an outstanding CV (understand prior IB or consulting experience, but that's what you're there to get in the first place, right). Not even direct banker recommendations from recruiting events help half of the time to get just a telephone interview. After all, there are thousands just like you studying in London, which is much more convenient and cheaper for the recruiters.
Having said that, SSE in aggregate still places almost on par with top tier UK schools and is for free, so you need to weigh your odds appropriately - you probably don't want to do banking anyway, you just don't know it yet.

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