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Hello everyone,

Im planning to do an MSc in Finance next year (straight after i finish my undergrad) and will be applying after this summer.

Basic profile:
Semi-target uni in the UK. Think Bristol, Bath, Durham, Warwick, studying Economics & Mathematics. After two years my average is 72% First Class Honours which converts to GPA 4.
Currently finishing up my work placement year in AM in one of the largest private banks in Europe, but i have sort of Middle Office job. I have also done a summer internship in AM in one of the eastern european countries after my first year in uni
CFA level 1 passed
One remarkable thing is that I have spent like 10 years playing chess internationally and earned FIDE Master title at the age of 15
My placement ends in July 2019 and i will be attending LSE Summer school Advanced Corporate finance course and i believe this is useful given that i will be applying for LSE Masters

I haven't done my GMAT yet and do be honest not sure if it is worth it given that i don't need it for LSE and LBS and it is only required for the Oxford course. Although i understand that it may strengthen my application for all masters anyway. What do you think guys? If i do it, i am sure that i will get 700+ but this may mean applying later for masters because i need at least two months to prepare,

My top three choices are LSE Master in Finance, LBS Financial Analysis and Oxford Financial Economics.
I know that LBS values work experience a lot and i think this is my weak point because i haven't done any BB or EB internships and there are guys out there with a much better work history. With regards to Oxford, i have a good quantitative background and solid grades, so i guess it will depends on my GMAT. I personally think that i have the highest chance at LSE, especially given that i will be doing a summer course there this summer. I will obviously apply for other unis as well such as Imperial and probably HEC (but don't really think that i would love to be in Paris).

What do you guys think about my chances? Do you think doing GMAT is worth it? Is my profile strong enough for these programs or should i aim for a lower tier courses? My final goal would be to get a job in IB in London.

I will appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance!

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May 18, 2019 - 8:21pm

Your WE is much better than mine and I got into LBS (by some miracle). I think you should take the GMAT. A great score would strengthen your application.

To be honest, I think you've got an excellent chance at all your targets. Just make sure the other parts of your app (personal statements, recommendations, etc.) are solid.

May 20, 2019 - 9:34am

Haha! I was in the same boat as you. My decision to do an MSc came quite late (during my final semester). Prior to that I had no kind of relationship with any of my professors because I was almost never in class. I used that final semester to build strong, personal relationships with my professors and one of them ended up writing multiple recommendations for me.

It's great that you can secure a very good work-related recommendation, but academic recommendations are super important. In fact, I think LSE specifically asks for two academic recommendations - especially for recent undergrads like us. Oxford and LBS require a mix, if I remember correctly.

May 19, 2019 - 4:24am

If I were you I would take the GMAT, especially if you are confident you will get a high score. This will be needed for Oxford (you want to get 730+) LBS (700+), HEC and Bocconi (probably 670+). If you can get these scores, I think you would be competitive for the above programmes as you come from a semi-target, have a 1:1 and a year’s worth of work experience.

I also believe you’d have a decent shot at LSE, meaning you wouldn’t have to waste time doing the GMAT, but applying exclusively to LSE is risky as their admissions process is quite random...

May 20, 2019 - 7:37am

With that profile you shouldn’t have a problem being accepted at LSE and LBS. If you really want the MFE at Oxford go for the GMAT. Otherwise, I don’t believe it is necessary in your case, even though it will probably improve your chances and give you access to other MSc.

PS: you still have plenty of time to prepare and apply to any of these masters, so you have time to take and even retake the GMAT if it goes wrong in the first place.

May 20, 2019 - 8:20am
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