MSF: SMU vs Nova

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I've been accepted to both these schools for an MSF, I held off on choosing between the two because I was waiting on my 1st choice school (UT). I just got rejected from there so it's come down to these two. SMU had an 86% placement rate last year and the 2015 class has placements at American Airlines, Wells Fargo corp fin, GS IB, UBS IB, Stephens ER, and some local AM funds. Villanova's placements are well known on this site. From my perspective SMU seems to have more name brand firms whereas Nova has more banking/AM placements. I prefer Texas but would be willing to go to the east coast for better job prospects. There is the added benefit of SMU not having summer courses, that should help with getting an internship. Just wanted thoughts from the knowledgeable MSF alum and students of this site. Thanks.