Northwestern for consulting?

How well does Northwestern place into MBB consulting? I'm currently a freshman at NU who's interested in the field and was just wondering how I should be using my time throughout college? What type of internships, lab research, clubs etc? I'm a little lost about what to do and would love it if any of you guys gave some feedback. Thank you and have a great day!

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Dec 30, 2020 - 3:23pm

You are in a great place

Priority #1 for you right now should be getting a high GPA

Priority #2 should be joining clubs that you are passionate about and getting leadership positions in them. They do not have to be consulting clubs, but any club (frat, service club, etc) that you can hold a leadership role in will do.  

Priority #3- internships.  As a freshman this does not matter much, but any work experience where you make an impact is significant. Work jobs where you hone communication and social skills.  For example, working as a lifeguard or one of the student security guards might be easy, but being a water/watress or teaching assistant might showcase more social skills on your resume.  If you can get an internship after freshman year, great! If not, don't worry.  Sophomore summer, aim to get a corporate internship.  Consulting/strategy internships for sophomores are rare, but anything where you get to lead a project will benefit you greatly. There is no specific path of certain internships you have to have. Any lab research, startup work, anything substantial is good!

***Note about consulting clubs: they are often misunderstood.  I do not think having it on your resume will give you a significant boost, but I think consulting clubs at schools offer benefits in terms of networking and being in a group of people who understand the process (and future case buddies).  As an MBB intern who was not in any of those clubs, it was an uphill climb learning "the game" of recruiting and getting good at case interviews.  I do not think not having a consulting club on my resume hurt though.  

Jan 10, 2021 - 2:04pm

This is great advice and I agree with the sequencing of 1/2/3

On the note of consulting clubs, I think they actually are important. First, you can write some pretty good bullets from your projects (most student consulting clubs actually do projects). Second, given that it's directly related to the field you're trying to enter it'll show that you're actually interested in the field + are prepared and can help your resume get moved along through screening. Third, some companies recruit specifically from certain clubs or hold club-specific events (not sure if this is true at NU), so there may be additional opportunities that just aren't accessible to you otherwise. That said, I agree it's far from the end of the world not to be in one

Jan 20, 2021 - 12:21pm

Thank you for the response! I'll definetely try applying to more consulting clubs soon. Also, I am trying to keep myself busy over the summer, so I want to apply to some consulting/business internships. Do you know where I'd be able to find quality/recognized summer internships that I could apply to? Thank you!! 

Jan 20, 2021 - 12:35pm

Big companies don't really have freshman interns -- if you can find a small local business looking for interns great, if not you'll be served just fine by working a normal job with customer interaction as the other commenter mentioned

Your objectives before next fall should be to (1) do something over the summer, even if it's just a normal job, (2) have some decent resume bullets that you can tell good stories about (i.e. start getting involved right now and make an impact somewhere), and (3) maintain good grades. Next fall you should try to get a good internship (F500 through on-campus recruiting is a well-tread path) and you'll need a decent resume to accomplish that

Jan 20, 2021 - 12:19pm

Thank you for the response! I just had a few quick questions, though. 1) I'm definitely interested in research, and, while I am open to doing research in econ (or at Kellogg), I'd prefer to work with something in cognitive science. For a consulting job, does it matter what field I do research in? Would it be more beneficial for me to reach out to more Kellogg labs rather than those doing STEM research (I would be completely fine with doing either one, just wanted to know if it matters at all)? 2) I'm trying to find some more business/consulting related internships over the summer, and I was just wondering where I'd be able to find quality summer internships that I should apply to? Thank you for your time! 

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