NYC Summer 2018 Housing/Roommates Thread

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Feel free to post any insights you may have regarding housing in NYC for interns/summer analysts. Let this thread serve as a thread for finding a roommate, but also housing.

A little about myself: I'm currently looking for a roommate and/or housing in NYC. Currently a sophomore, rising junior, with an internship in NYC. I'm a hardworking guy during the week, but I like having fun on the weekends (Not looking to throw bangers every weekend, but may invite some friends over during the weekend to chill). I'll be working a hedge fund internship and taking an online class so you probably won't hear much from me during the week except maybe past 9 or 10pm. I'm originally from the Northeast and currently go to school in the Midwest where I'm majoring in Economics and minoring in Computer Science. Eventually, I want to break into IB as a summer analyst next summer. In my free time, I like to workout, play Fortnite, and watch basketball/football. Hopefully there's some common ground there, but it's fine if there isn't. Here's a summary regarding housing:

City: NYC
Preferred Areas: Midtown or south
Start Date: Mid-May
Lease Start: Mid-may
Position: Hedge fund intern
Total Roommates: 1-3
Your Gender: Male
Roommate Gender: Don't care
Budget: up to 1700, preferably 1500 or lower
Contact: PM or reply to post

Even if you're not looking for roommate, feel free to post tips on finding housing in NYC. Thanks guys!

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Apr 3, 2018

You're probably going to have to check craigslist temp housing

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Apr 4, 2018

Will do, thanks

Apr 4, 2018

Damn. We'd be ideal roommates - but I wont be interning in NYC this summer. Maybe next summer if we both get SA's! (Current sophomore as well)

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Apr 25, 2018

Hi still looking?

City: NYC
Preferred Areas: Midtown
Start Date: Late May
End Date: Late August
Position: IBSA
Your Gender: Male
Roommate Gender: Don't care
Budget: <2000/mo

May 1, 2018