Off-Cycle MBB India Recruiting?

Final year undergrad in a target Indian University. Couldn't sit for MBB recruiting on-campus because I had another offer in hand from a BB via an internship. I took up the offer because I wasn't entirely sure on what I wanted to do, and a BB offer sounded good to me. However, I have realised that consulting sits better with what I want to do, as well as my future goals. Is there any way I can still sit for MBB recruitment via other means? Is applying off-cycle gonna lead to interviews? (Confident of a strong resume, if that's a factor). If yes, how do those interviews look like? Any do's and dont's for the processes? I dont mind trying T2 consulting firms too - so if there's any guidance on those lines, it would be amazing. Additionally, since I am just starting out with prep, anything I should keep in mind for cases and interviews in general?

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Oct 6, 2021 - 1:38am

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