Offer Selection: Lazard M&A/RX NY vs. GS Financing vs. MS IBD

Forgot to include an offer from Citi investment banking, consider that too. Leaning MS/GS, was not a fan of Lazard culture and don't want to be at Citi as much as the first two. Not too considered about exits

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Aug 30, 2017 - 2:04pm

If you're thinking PE, should be between MS and Lazard. From what I understand, your experience at both will be pretty group-dependent; upside from an exit opps perspective is high at each (m&a/mc/gpug at MS, RX/HC at Lazard). Can't go wrong with either, might have a better experience at MS if not in a top group - plus the best 1-2 analysts in almost all of the MS groups tend to do really well.

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