Offering Memorandum / Prospectus / Interview - HELP!

Help Request!

Hi All,

Ive just had my second interview with a fund, and now im through to the final stage..(A meeting with the PM & a case study) Ive been told the next stage involves reviewing a syndication/high yield offering memorandum, the only problem is at present i dont have access to this type of information/experience of this type deal, and im not sure if the thought process is the same as working on the sell side.

I know in the US some OMs are posted via the SEC but 144a filings arent are they? does anybody have access to or could send me a recent OM/prospectus?

also in terms of analysis, given i'll only have an hour to review, prepare and discuss the work, is there a 'typical' process an investment analyst might follow in this case?

my initial mind set would be as follows: -

Industry / Sector analysis - as much as can be understood from the OM/prospectus
COLD analysis - capital structure, operating performance, liquidity and debt service
Discussion on suggested covenants / legal / country issues

any help would be greatly appricated.

Thank you,


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