Hi Guys, I've been on hold for about two weeks from a top BB for an S&T SA offer. Got a call the day after my super day saying I've been placed on hold from the recruiter. I reached out recently inquiring about my status and HR responded promptly saying they would let me know when they have an update on their end which I took positively as it would seem I am still in the running. Does anyone have any experience with this/advice on how to best proceed? Thanks

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Sit tight. If they want you they will offer you. If not they won't. Calling over and over won't help. You are probably a backup option at this point.

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I got the same experience. If u are really worried about it, go check with ur schoolmate, and see if anyone gets the offer. At this situation, u are on the waitlist with a rank. Usually, if the one before u rejects the offer, u would get it. Wish u good luck.


On hold situations are terrible. I am there too! I'll update if I ever hear back...


I heard back with a no! I know of someone who got off the same wait-list I was on, so it is possible!


Like stated above, there's not much you can do at this point. There's someone or multiple people ahead of you who they extend offers to and are waiting to hear back from .


Still on hold...I reached out to one of the people I interviewed with a few weeks ago and they said they expected me to have an updated last week, have heard nothing. Anyone have any insight as to why it is taking this long? I imagine top BB S&T recruiting is done by now, most people should have responded to offers, shouldn't I have a no by now?

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