Opinions on Career path?

Hello Users! Currently looking to get into IB/PE/HF/AM.

I am currently entering 4th year at a non-target Canadian University, majoring in Finance and minoring in statistics. I currently have a CGPA of 3.1/4 which renders it hard/impossible for me to get any jobs at one of the large banks. I went on exchange last semester so was unable to bring it up. I expect to have around a 3.2-3.3ish /4 CGPA by end on next year (being conservative).

Here is my work experience:.
- Student Investment Fund (Do equity reports, DCFs...)
- Hotel Front Desk
- Family Financial Services Firm (sell insurance, invest clients money into mutual funds, seg funds, GICs..)
- FP&A Intern position at one the largest companies in Canada
I am also very active on campus with societies and clubs

I am planning on taking a 5th year to try to bring my GPA up. Additionally, I plan on taking my CFA next summer.

  • Should I look into doing an MFIN/MFE? That would require me to take the GMAT and I don't know if I have time.
  • What should I do that will help my chances to break into IB/PE/HF/AM?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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May 15, 2019

you would be better off transferring to a different school, graduate from that other school, and then using that school's GPA only (assuming you cna get close to a 4.0) for when you apply. Otherwise, you will find yourself locked out of the career you desire, because of shitty grades.

Another option, if you have good social skills...is to network your way into interviews. That can negate a bad GPA....but you gotta have mad skills to pull this off.

Why are your grades so bad? a 3.1 is pretty shitty

just google it...you're welcome

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May 16, 2019

Let's be real though, a 3.1 in Statistics is equivalent to a 3.5 in undergrad Business Administration / Econ / Finance. I coasted through my BBA, just cramming the night before exams, and graduated with a 3.7. OTOH, I really busted ass for my Electrical Engineering degree, and managed to claw myself a 3.1 - with a much lower class average.

edit: Not saying that recruiters differentiate or there's some handicap for people that study more difficult majors, but comparing GPA from different majors on a 1:1 basis is a bit stupid.

May 16, 2019

Idea one seems kind of stupid.

I've been networking a lot and managed to pull a pretty good gig in corporate finance. Still grinding hard in that aspect.

May 16, 2019