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Hi guys:

I was offered a part-time position (up until the firm moves its office from country X to Y) as an investment analyst at a start-up hedge fund in my city. The position's relevant work experience requirement is 0-1 years, and must have an BBA in finance.

The fund manager is well-known and has quite an impressive track record/background which makes me feel more comfortable about the situation.

My concern is the following:

Should I take this position (despite having zero experience in HFs) and hope I will learn first-hand from the HF manager himself, or should I aim for a full-time gig at a well known and established firm?

Lastly, the pay, which is pretty low ($18), is what I can expect while I am working part-time. Should I be concerned about the how much I am getting paid, or should I focus on what this opportunity might bring for me?



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Apr 10, 2013

I had an experience working in a hedge fund and it was positive. I managed to learn a lot, was given access to a lot of resources. However, as you said unfortunately the pay is low..
But look at it as an investment, time spend doing work well there can bring you to better career opportunities in the future!


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Apr 10, 2013

1. It's a great but risky opportunity, it's hard to match... and it's better than nothing.
2. Don't worry about the money, at least for the first year.
3. You won't get any kind of coaching in a small shop so just focus on building a great relation with the people there. That will come handy later in your career. Don't expect to learn from your PM, you won't.
4. You will have a better career progression in a large company, specially early on in your career.

Apr 10, 2013