Partners Capital?

Reposting on the HF forum in case this is not relevant to AM

Has anyone heard of / worked with Partners Capital ( They position themselves as an outsourced investment office.

"Our clients are evenly split primarily between two groups: investment professionals and institutions. Our private clients are predominantly founding and senior partners at leading investment firms, including BlackstoneKKR, Bain Capital, Summit Partners, CVC, Related Companies, Lone Star, BC Partners, Apax Partners and Goldman Sachs. In our capacity of advising investment professionals, we are known as 'the money manager for money managers'. Our institutional clients include investment committees at 8 Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, 2 Singaporean Universities, Eton College, INSEAD Business School, Guy's and St. Thomas' Charity and the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

In our capacity of advising investment professionals, we are known as 'the money manager for money managers'."

Would appreciate any insight on the firm's culture, performance, and reputation.


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  • Analyst 3+ in IB - Gen
Feb 5, 2021 - 10:25am

Not really useful but my father and the founder Stan Miranda go way back (they have been friends for 40 years). I have not met Stan personally, but my father says he is a "good man" and I trust my father's judgment of character.

The culture of a firm is determined by leadership at the top. If I had a potential job opportunity at Partner's Capital, I would seriously consider it. I wouldn't be able to say the same for a firm such as Point72.

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