Path to PE: Corporate Finance vs. M&A Advisory

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Hi everyone.

I am a recently graduated in engineering from a top school and acting as and FP&A analyst of an operating plant on the steel industry. I am having by now some interviews on Big4 M&A advisory and thinking what should be the best nest step for me having in mind a mid-term career in PE.

My actual job is very linked to management financial stuff. And because of that presents a lot of it as an operational management role. I deal with financial and operational reports, cash flow for the business unit, capital investment analysis and budgeting. I've been in this role for 2 months, because before I was a graduate trainee for the same company but in the business improvement area;

The interview is to an associate level in a Big4 in advisory in M&A but, as I was informed it doesn't involves much financial modeling but focus on sinergies, value creation and ODD.

So, in the opinions of you monekys, what should be the wisest next step if I am aiming to be prepared to PE in a some years?


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Oct 16, 2017
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