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Have a background check coming up for PE and a MBB. There's a title discrepancy between what I've stated (Associate) and what is in HR's records (intern) for my most recent work experience...PLEASE kindly read the context below because it'll be helpful to know as I narrate this:

After grad school, I joined a new independent sponsor (part of a bigger regional bank)...New team didnt have much leeway with the upper mgmt (CEO) and had to close a deal in order for my internship to convert to full-time offer. I was told by senior mgmt this would be done in 2 months but that stretched onto 10 months and the partners didn't deliver. barely getting by the salary, I finally quit in June...that said the partners had very strong glowing things to say about me especially the head and were deeply apologetic that they couldnt get shit done in my timeline (i had a visa issue states side).
I may be getting a PE offer soon and i have Associate mentioned on my resume (instead of intern

When Background agency calls HR, prior to the call (when they ask me for HR contact), should i shoot the background check agency a quick note, "hey my official title will state intern. But FYI that would not giving the fairest impression as team was newly formed so either this worked for all of us or if not we left (partners were barely paying themselves) reality I was acting as a full Associate and was offered full-time by partners various time contingent upon a successful fund raise upon which i had no control. if you'd like to verify this pls call partner xxxx"...what do you guys think??? OR should I call HR up and tell them to confirm my Associate (very hard and beckoning someone to do something unethical)? OR LAST, see if the partner can just verify my employment title and dates??

Please share some thoughts and you think this is a big deal.

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Sep 6, 2019

p please any input?

Sep 7, 2019

I think step 1 is just to ask the old firm what they would say without pushing them one way or the other

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Sep 7, 2019

Well I'm quite certain HR will say intern because they weren't aware as to what my team was doing internally and the discussions we were having / challenges that we were facing in response to offering me full-time.

At one point I had intern mentioned on my resume with a footnote next to it saying I was offered full time contingent upon fund raise but that was becoming a mouthful to write on resume and too verbose

Sep 7, 2019

Why not have your title say associate intern and avoid all of this?

In most high finance internships (PE/IB) interns have similar duties to full time employees, so I don't think your explanation really holds water in this industry. Also if you try to tell HR to do something unethical chances are they will do the opposite and make a note of it.

I would send your partner a note as a heads up and ask if they can confirm the situation, but do nothing for now. If/when it comes up, direct them to the partner.

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Sep 7, 2019

I didn't put associate intern because i thought it gives a negative impression and invites a string of questions uncomfortable to answer (why were u not converted, why was fund raising taking too long, why did it take a long time to close a deal) none of these factors were in my control but they were in the partners' probably - although they don't impact me directly they may diminish the view my future employer may have for my past and this is something I'm keen to avoid because I have really sold my experience and my ex employer Being a top tier firm (though it's not...)...all the new roles that I'm interviewing for are based overseas btw. Does this explanation make sense?

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Sep 7, 2019

Any other thoughts folks?

  • 1st Year Associate in Private Equity - LBOs
Sep 8, 2019