Penn CAS vs. Cornell CAS

Both Ivy leagues.

Both lower than HYPWSM

Both targets.

So after searching multiple posts, I figured that Penn CAS gets shitted on by Wharton, but that Cornell AEM and CAS are viewed pretty similarly in terms of recruiting (ex. no significant adv of AEM over CAS; correct me if I'm wrong).

However Upenn (even without Wharton) is generally considered more prestigious and harder to get admitted to than Cornell.

Considering an applicant double majors in econ/math, which place would you suggest? Can Penn CAS benefit from Wharton's recruitment pull, or will they be banished by "Wharton ONLY" signs? Are Penn CAS and Cornell CAS/AEM viewed all equally?

United States - Northeast

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Nov 28, 2010

go to Penn CAS and transfer?

Nov 28, 2010

I'd say general rep of Penn beats Cornell overall - Penn.

Nov 28, 2010

Another "Which school is better?" circle jerk....

Go to the school where you think you can get a 4.0 and have fun.

Nov 28, 2010

I was faced with that decision and ended up going to one of those schools. Both are great places to be and will give you an opportunity to work anywhere so long as you get good grades and are active in ECs.

I think that academics at Cornell are in generally very rigorous, and if you really want to learn it's a good place to be... "easiest Ivy to get into, hardest to stay in"... or so they say. AEM is not that prestigious at Cornell so you don't have to worry about those kids as too much competition.

I think you'll find more grade inflation and generally easier classes at Penn... which can be seen as either a pro or con. Penn is more prestigious, aside from Cornell's Hotel School. The one problem with Penn is what you eluded to about Wharton dominating the IB recruiting... it'll be tough to stand up against hundreds of Wharton kids.

again - both great places - pros and cons to both.... it's all about "fit"

one other thing that I considered was the fact that I might want to go to Wharton for B-school or Penn for Law-school, but that I didn't want to go to Cornell for Law/B school.... at first I thought "shit, I should go to penn because then I'll be more likely to get into the much better grad schools they have as I'll be an alum of their UG", but then I thought "damn, do I want to spend 6-7 years on one campus and have only one U on my resume?"

both are considerations

Nov 28, 2010
International Pymp:

I was faced with that decision and ended up going to one of those schools.


Nov 28, 2010

Go to Penn. You are in the middle of Philadelphia and can make up for your non Wharton status by interning during the school year.

Cornell is in the middle of nowhere.

Nov 28, 2010

^ I'll probably get shot.

I don't think even wharton kids intern during the school-year...

Nov 28, 2010

^lol... downtown ithaca is pretty rough too!

As the classic maxim reads: "Ithaca is Gangsta" (that reference really brings me back...)

Nov 28, 2010

go to penn and get a high gpa in wharton pre reqs
then transfer to wharton

as long as you have good enough gpa you can transfer... nice back door

Nov 28, 2010

University City is pretty safe dude. Just don't venture too far west and north. It's nothing like shithole north Philly.

Dec 1, 2010

UPenn. Unless you love the gorges.

Dec 1, 2010