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Over the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our private equity interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with specific regional information and actual deal walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you a brief snapshot of a few of the private equity webinars that have been added in the last 12 months.

Of course you can gain access to all of these webinars + hundreds more, the recruiting + PE Interview Guide, 9 LBO modeling tests, 4 private equity resume samples along with 1 year access to the WSO Company Database with the WSO Private Equity Interview Prep Pack right here. Without further ado, here is a short list/snapshot:

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1. Private Equity Case - Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO) Part 1:

Wall Street Mentor Bernardo covers a LBO deal highlighting various topics such as…the deal structure, ideal targets, and value creation. A template will come with the webinar, including an excel spreadsheet financial model and a do it yourself answer sheet. Hear from this industry veteran about the advantages of being private and how to bring down the target firm price.

2. Private Equity Case - Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO) Walk-Through Part 2:

Bernardo, an industry veteran and Wall Street Mentor, is back for a second and final LBO presentation. The originial financial lbo model will be solved and explained in detail. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, the following: transaction costs and taxation, improving business operations, sources and uses of funds, and preparing an exit strategy.

3. Private Equity Case - Transnational M&A- Mercedes-Benz Chrysler deal:

Learn about why firms decide to do transnational deals through an analysis of a M&A business case(USA – Germany). Bernardo will also cover the human aspect of a deal that impacts financials. Check out this webinar to discover the main cause of failure that transnational deals face during the M&A process.

4. Private Equity Case – Creating Value Through Operational Change: A Case Study in the Apparel Industry:

Get an insider take from Wall Street Mentor Kristin about how to create value through a route that can often be very difficult to achieve. Kristin will take you through a business case involving an apparel company that leveraged operational change in order to create value. Learn about the role a strategic road-map played in this process.

5. Private Equity Case – RJR Nabisco:

Get valuable insight from Wall Street Mentor Bernardo regarding the RJR Nabisco case. Investment Banks and PE firms, the two parties involved in the Nabisco case, will be explained first. Then you will be taken through an in-depth analysis of the specific case at hand while also being shown how a firm's capital restructuring can go south fast...

6. Private Equity Case - Utility Services:

Join Wall Street Mentor Matthew for insight into the basics regarding case studies during an interview in the PE space. This webinar will prepare you for what to do when your handed the CIM. Matthew will break down how to review the CIM, how to go about filling out the investment memo, and the key points to be aware of when reviewing your work. This webinar will provide a solid foundation for enhancing your ability to generate a thorough investment thesis.

7. Week in the Life of a Private Equity Analyst:

Join WSO Mentor Chris for this unique webinar that will provide you a detailed hour by hour synopsis of what he does as a private equity analyst each day of the week. He will also cover his major projects for the week and then end the webinar with a Q&A from the audience.

8. Case Study Prep for Growth Equity Interviews:

Discover what Sid, an industry veteran with experience on the other side of the interview table, looks for in a candidate during growth equity case study interviews. Sid will touch on the case study approach including the best method of preparation and also the investment thesis presentation. Case study examples will also be covered for you during this webinar.

9. Investing in PE and VC Funds:

Have you ever wondered…What is PE and VC? How does it work? Who invests in PE and VC? If so, then check out this webinar to get all these questions answered from a industry veteran with experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Hear Otavio's take on breaking into the industry and on how PE and VC could improve the risk/return profile of your portfolio.

10. How I transitioned into PE and prepared for my PE interviews:

Wall Street Mentor Roger will cover various topics including, but not limited to, the following: positioning yourself for buy-side recruiting, prepping for interviews and the timeline & process of recruiting for the buy-side. Roger will also provide an insightful analysis for you regarding the pros and cons of the middle market PE fund versus the mega fund.

11. How to Prep for a PE Megafund Interview:

You've nailed the technical questions, presented yourself well, and have a resume packed with relevant experience but will you end up getting the offer?...Discover the factor that commonly determines who ultimately gets the gig from a former finance elite. Ben will cover various types of questions you might face along with what technical topics you must know inside and out for a PE Megafund interview.

12. Co-Investments and Fund of Funds Overview:

During this webinar, Industry Veteran John will cover how this model is different and the skills it offers to a young professional. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, the following: fund of fund structure, fund of fund investment dynamics, beneficial skills/learning opportunities, and co-investment dynamics.

13. private equity recruiting Best Practices:

Gain an edge through this webinar that provides insight into various aspects of the PE recruitment process. Hear about the best advice this industry veteran ever received during his many years of experience in private equity and investment banking. Hear him also answer questions such as: "What should you do if you do not have experience in the finance industry?" and "How does recruiting differ for mid-level private equity positions?".

14. Mid Market PE & M&A in Toronto/Canada:

Get an overview of the Canadian 'mid-market' from a professional with experience in this area. Kyle will speak about the changing environment in this space and about how information advantages are playing a role in this change. Gain a better understanding of why American PE funds are paying greater valuations in Canada by tuning in to this webinar.

15. Resume Prep for private equity interviews:

Polish up your resume with this presentation from Wall Street Mentor Sid that will cover the best practice for presenting more strongly to recruiters and buy-side firms. Sid will reveal numerous resume tips as well. This webinar will be most helpful to current IB analysts as well as other candidates with 1-2 years of consulting/corp finance experience looking to transition to PE.

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Again, you can get access to all of these private equity interview webinars through the WSO private equity interview Prep Pack.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can keep improving! Thank you for your continued support.

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