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Question for those in development..I realize there is no "true" route to development and people come from all different backgrounds but for someone looking to get more into the project side vs the heavy finance what is the best route? Struggling to find roles with actually developers so looking for other ways in to start. APM with a GC? Was thinking on getting a certificate as well just to show something else aside from previous RE finance background.

Something like this role would be my dream role and what I'm referring to:

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Feb 24, 2019

I have a friend at CIM Group and this was discussed on another thread. They actually recruit top people from GCs. This is a switch that is not uncommon, but probably less common than the finance route. It is useful though and happens to be the route I am going. The entry level role would be Project Engineer/ Coordinator then APM after a few years. Cost Estimating roles are also useful for estimating the cost of the construction of a project. Either role combined with an MBA/ MSRE/ MRED seem to make a great combination.

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Feb 24, 2019

What kind of comp can these guys expect starting out?

Feb 24, 2019

Project Engineers normally go from 60-75 all in fresh out of undergrad. From what I've heard/ learned it takes 3-5 years to get to APM (with your comp going up each year as a PE). APMs are typically 85-100 all in and Project Managers can go from 90-150 all in. The typical tenure for a Project Manager is longer, hence the greater variation in pay.

Feb 24, 2019

How can someone with just RE background get in with a GC? I know Suffolk Construction has some Project Engineer rotational program where you rotate as in project management/Super/Estimating.

Feb 24, 2019

That's a great company to do their rotational program. PM me and I can list a few more companies I know are hiring right now.

Edit: While I'd love to post the info, it could blow away what little anonymity I have left lol

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Feb 24, 2019

Any thoughts on getting a cert in RE dev?or waste of money?

Aside from that, should I just reach out to smaller local developers to see if they have a need for an Analyst/Associate/APM? I am in the NYC area and landing a gig in dev with an NYC developer seems almost impossible unless you have your MSRED from NYU/Columbia. Was thinking going for the smaller ones in the suburbs.

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Feb 25, 2019

FWIW, I've witnessed the following transitions into principal side developer PM/DM: former project superintendent (GC); former project engineer (GC); former staff architect; former broker; former political consultant; former city economic development official. Generally speaking, think of what value add you can bring to the entitlement, cost effective design and construction, people management, and financial analysis processes.

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Feb 24, 2019

Do you think smaller local developers will value construction experience over the larger name guys?

Feb 24, 2019