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Sep 27, 2019 - 9:01am

Posted this in another thread, but I'll paste it here as well. Overall LinkedIn is your best friend, Asia recruiters are all over that, including SEA focused ones as well. Would also add Options Group to the below.

I mentioned this above, but it was tough. The NY recruiters only had openings for global funds with Asia offices, and they were quite unpredictable (Advent and Silver Lake come to mind when they hire for their HK office I believe). Hiring needs in Asia are a lot more sporadic than the US, there isn't a core cycle where most of the incoming PE associates are interviewed. So be sure to be prepared as an interview can come any time. That said, there are firms that basically recruit every year at or around the same time, with BainCap and Baring PE being the main ones that come to mind. Your best bet are to connect with as many of the Asia recruiters, bearing in mind that there isn't as much of a concept of an "exclusive" mandate handed by one PE firm to a single recruiting firm as in the US. It is more of a numbers game, and getting your resume in through that recruiters to the firm is the end goal. LinkedIn is your best friend. A few ones are Executive Access, Laurus Group, Principle Partners, Wellesley Partners, and Cobalt Partners. Though there are so many recruiters working on the same role nowadays that they are quite easy to find. Just be cautious before sending your resume, and doing diligence on the recruiting agency as you would in the US (I personally wouldn't send my resume to Selby Jennings anywhere in the world for example).

Sep 28, 2019 - 6:31am
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