REIT acq to Infra IB

Was wondering if anyone had seen someone do 1-2 years in REPE or REIT acq. and make the move to Infra, Ind, or A&D IB?  Was curious about when to start networking or if cold applying might do it? For reference, spent 1 year MO at PE fund, 1.5 years at >5B reit on the multifamily investment team.  Have solid modeling skills and have been studying 400 technicals.

My end goal is infra-PE - I love tangible assets.  I'd like to be in Chicago, Las Vegas, DC, or Florida long term - Chicago because NYC feel adjusted for COL, DC for A&D, Vegas for generalcy, and Florida because I am from there.

City rank: 1. Chicago, 2. Florida (anywhere), 3. DC, 4. Vegas (unless sweet casino opp. then 1)

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Jan 14, 2022 - 7:49pm

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