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I'm a sophomore having trouble networking for IB. At this point, I've only talked to 1-2 alums at around 15 banks, which I feel like isn't enough for Summer 2022 recruiting.

Right now, I have ~20% response rate. I'm wondering if my cold email is bad or if the timing is off (I usually send it Tues-Thurs 9-11AM). Here's what I've been sending (tweaked from previous WSO posts):



Hope you are well! My name is YYY, and I'm a sophomore at [university] studying finance. I'm interested in [specific group] investment banking and found your profile via mutual connections on LinkedIn, where I noticed [something in common]. I understand you're busy, but I'd love to hear about your experience working at [bank name] in [specific city]. Are you free to hop on the phone to chat sometime this week?


Also, the big question: do I attach my resume or not? I currently don't have a Summer 2021 internship yet and no prior finance work experience, but as an overview: my GPA is > 3.9 at top target, I'm majoring in finance, and EC's/leadership are relevant but not super standout.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Analyst 1 in RE - Comm
Feb 12, 2021 - 1:36pm

Good email, maybe the timing is the issue. Personally more inclined to reply to these when they come in on slow days (typically Friday is good). Don't see the need to attach your cv but others may see differently. 

  • Analyst 1 in PE - LBOs
Feb 12, 2021 - 2:05pm

This is a good email, but maybe don't mention that you found them through LinkedIn? Like everyone knows you did, but it feels a bit weird to say it lol. Tough to describe why, but it just comes off as a bit odd.

Might help to give some reasoning as to why you're interested in a specific group, and perhaps tie that into the "I noticed X" point. So e.g. "I'm interested in the TMT group through my past internship in tech and comp. sci minor. I noticed you also had some experience in tech so would be curious to hear your rationale for choosing IB and the types of tech deals you've done" (obv do something more refined than that, but you get the gist - it's not enough to say that you're interested in banking and you were also in the finance club or something, it's helpful to pinpoint something interesting about their career trajectory that aligns with your interests and is a unique point of conversation.

20% response rate is honestly not bad tbh, right now might just be a super busy time for banks you're reaching out to, and Analysts are probably jammed. Your timing for sending is also perfect. Always follow up, and I'm sure it'll pay off - best of luck!

Feb 13, 2021 - 12:32am

Yeah attach your resume. 

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