Does anyone know anything about the hedge fund Serengeti Asset Management? I have an interview with them coming up in a few weeks for a position as Investment Analyst, but I can't seem to find much about what the firm is like. Would really appreciate any info you guys might have... thanks!

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Whats your background? That will really drive the interview


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I know someone who worked there for a few years and just left. It's supposed to be a shit show. No professional management, partners are cheap (meaning bonuses don't trickle down), and turnover is pretty high. If you don't have any other offers and need a resume builder, go for it, otherwise stay away!


Which Serengeti are you talking about, monkeylover? There are a couple funds with similar names...


Forgot to add some relevant information. Company name is Serengeti Asset Management - apparently there are multiple firms named Serengeti. Additionally there is this site: http://www.j3sg.com/Reports/Stock-Insider/Generate... it should be noted that the reported firm valuation is from the 13F so is not reliable.


Looks like a lot of ex-Goldman people from what I can see on Bloomberg, including the founder (former GS SSG), and a fair number of lawyers.

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