Series 6/63 or 7/66 licensing

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Hi guys, just thought I'd jump on here and see if anyone can help answer some questions.

I entered into the financial planning field about 3 years ago at the suggestion of a friend to get my licenses. However, I only received my life and health before I went on to leave the company and start my own insurance brokerage.

Now I am getting to the point of wanting to more of the investment side of things and am again hit with the "what to do" question.

I need to obtain my series licenses and experience as I have no real professional knowledge in this area. I am not looking to start my own investment firm anytime soon but I am also not trying to close down my insurance brokerage in order to return to a company to get my licenses. From what I have seen in my research, prop trading firms seem to be the only real option but I am not sure how legit they are.

Does anyone know of firms out there that strictly deal with the investment side of this that would not be a conflict with the insurance side? Ideally I would like to keep my brokerage and maintain that stream of income while expanding my knowledge and of course income through trading. I currently have a staff and management to cover my company so time commitment is not an issue?


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