Series 79 Knopman & STC - Practice vs Actual exam


I understand there are tons of threads on the Series 79, all of which I had a chance to read through. I've been using both Knopman & STC materials and have taken practice tests from both. I am scoring approximately 73-79 on the Knopman and ~70 on STC. Could anyone provide input on the similarity between the practice exams and actual (in terms of difficulty and any other insight? I've heard varying accounts from coworkers and would like to make sure I'm track to pass.

Essentially some of the threads providing opinions on the above were in ~2010, so wanted a more recent assessment.

Thanks very much for your time.

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Feb 7, 2014


Feb 7, 2014

I was routinely around 72% for Knopman exams and ended up scoring 84% on the actual. I thought the actual was a bit easier, though perhaps not 12% easier.

Feb 8, 2014

^thanks thats very helpful insight.

Feb 17, 2014

I read Salaoman book, took Knopman tests and Kaplan tests online. Found Kaplan tests WAY easier than Knopman. Scoring high 80's on Kaplan and high 70's on Knopman. I think what you found is just differences in the material testing quality --

curious how you did, take the test yet?

Feb 17, 2014

S79 not nearly as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. Get either STC or Knopman (not both), read the book and take practice test until you feel comfortable. I took 3 practice tests, 72, 75, 81 and then made a 94 on the actual exam.

Nerves and overthinking are what kill people on the S79. It is not nearly as tricky at the S63. Take a week to read the material and another week to work a practice test per day and you will be more than prepared. Good luck!

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Feb 17, 2014