single deal comp / bonus question

hey guys,

I need to find stats on single-deal compensation.
Hope you can advise.

My co-worker just closed a deal that netted our firm (a large family-owned real estate developer/owner) about $12mn without us putting any money at risk.

Basically he found a big deal, and since we're too small to do the deal ourselves, he introduced a PE fund to be our co-investor.
Sensing correctly that our cheap-ass founders probably would walk away from the deal for fear of putting their own money at risk, my colleague structured a finder's fee into the deal, due whether or not the deal closed.

So we are walking away, and the PE firm is paying 0.5% of the deal - netting us $12mn.

Management has asked me to benchmark how much deal-based bonus and annual bonus he should get, as right now, we have neither. Our annual bonus is 0. We're paid $200k as director-level employees.

Many thanks.

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Mar 10, 2019