Small cap funds investing in Africa?

Hey guys, I'm starting a quasi-PE shop in Accra, Ghana 500k to 10m USD deals. Not your traditional PE shop (happy to explain how it's different) but has anyone done any deals within this ticket range? or know of any companies that invest in small and growing businesses on the continent? Cheers


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Jan 2, 2018 - 1:21pm

atobentsienchill, pure crickets, that's where I come in. Any of these useful?

  • Bulge Bracket IBD Analyst Program vs Small Cap Investment Fund Analyst likely be placed in FIG as I have previous experience in this area. Offer B: Analyst in a small cap (c. ... $3bn AUM) investment fund focused exclusively on the insurance sector. I feel that FIG IBD would most ... could provide more flexibility down the road. investment fund Bulge Bracket 2nd year analyst Analyst ...
  • Small-Cap Hedge Funds funds that have a strong record investing in Small-Cap Stocks. I'd prefer to stay in NY, but would ... Small-Cap hedge funds or resources would be greatly appreciated! hedgefunds ... I've been working at a middle-market I-bank covering various small-cap companies over the ...
  • Are small cap hedge funds worth it? relevant experiences / recommendations. small cap hedge fund microcap ... a small hedge fund. When I say small, I mean $100 mm AUM, it's basically two portfolio managers and ... Associate PM? Do I hop to another hedge fund? Yet I am miserable in my current spot and there just ...
  • Lower Lower Middle Market M&A and exit opps; how small is too small for a deal?? a non target school and have been working in FP&A / finance ops for a micro/mid cap company for 2.5 ... FP&A at a large cap company, back office at a hedge fund with $1.1 billion AUM, and a regional CRE shop ... relating to "how small is too small for a boutique IB," but I haven't seen any threads that ...
  • unknown small cap Private Equity in Italy vs. CEE IB cap PE in Italy, or an internship in a known IB such as Societe Generale / Citi / UniCredit, but in my ... I am an MSc in Finance student at a target European university. My question is which one would be ... better for my CV, and for my chances into getting into a bulge bracket IB next summer. An unknown small ...
  • The Small Cap Premium: Where is the beef? surprisingly, the use of a small cap premium lowers the value of smaller companies.  In investing, it has been ... active small-cap fund managers as a justification for their activity, they are in no way a basis for ... market capitalizations. For investors, this has led to the pursuit of small cap stocks and funds for ...
  • Small Cap Value Investors follow, seems to have shifted to mostly large and mid cap stocks. My qualifications:-Primarily invests in ... information by the time we see it. I've got a few SB's left to give out. hedge funds small cap value ... Anyone know of any good small cap value investors to follow? Mohnish Pabrai, the guy I used to ...
  • Best Small Cap Value Funds? cap value funds and am looking for names. I know some and have used Google, but many of the best ... for hedge funds) but others are welcome too. Thanks. investing ... Hey guys, SBs for all helpful responses-- I'm putting together a list of top performing small ...
  • More suggestions...

Or maybe the following pros can chime in... Zzari mkaplan928 DoctorWendy

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

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