S&T offer advice please!

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I have received an offer from UBS and Morgan Stanley. Both are S&T summer analyst position.
The UBS S&T internship allows you to rotate across different desks and it is located in London.
On the other hand, the full name for S&T at Morgan Stanley is Institutional Equities, Prime Brokerage and Bank Resource Management. There is rotation, but I do not have the choice of interning on the FICC desks. It is located in Hongkong.
Obviously, MS has a bigger brand name, but limited in the desks I can choose, and it is located in London.
Basically , it is MS hongkong vs UBS London.
To you guys, which offer for summer internship seems a better choice? ( I prefer trading than sales/structuing)

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Dec 11, 2018

I did my junior summer at MS S&T (though on the FICC side) in NYC and it was an absolutely amazing program. Their brand reputation for Institutional Equities is even more incredible. You'd be joining the top house for IE trading on the Street. Also, the kids who will be doing PB or BRM applied specifically to those programs, so you'd just be rotating through actual IE desks, with them in your intern class. That said though, London is the shit and Hong Kong could be really hard if you don't know anyone/don't like your intern class. My advice, if you can swing it, go MS.

Dec 12, 2018

Thanks for your input! That is very helpful. However, I do have a concern.From what I read, equity derivative/ equity trading is not as good as FICC right? Even though it is at MS, IE may not be attractive as FICC?(Due to more limited exit opp and tech replacement)

Dec 12, 2018