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I am currently looking for an internship starting in January 2020 and ending by May 2020 in the consulting field. Someone at my previous workplace recommended that I should try to go into consulting. While I have always wanted to work in finance (Private Equity or Quantitative Finance) this intrigued me because she thought I would be good at consulting (she used to work as a management consultant for Accenture).

A little background info on me. I'm going into third year studying Business Administration and Financial mathematics (two degrees) at a Canadain University. I just finished an internship I did at a VC funded startup who developed AI (don't want to get into too many details). I got to collect and organize data that our product obtained. Then I would look for trends in this data and help create slide decks to present our findings to the clients (large corporations >$5B market cap). A big part of my job was also coming up with solutions for problems that our product was having. I also got to create flow charts showing how our products would work for them when starting with new clients.

So I was wondering what kinds of opportunities can I get in the winter for consulting positions, any firms I should look at (I saw that Deloitte has some postings for the winter)? I would like to work abroad if possible (London, NY). Also since I never really looked into consulting as a career path, can you guys give me some insights to pay, work-life balance, exit opps etc.


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Sep 14, 2019