Top REPE (Real Estate Private Equity) to Bulge Bracket Investment Bank during OCR Fall 2012

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FT recruiting is not too far from today. I have been working as a summer analyst/summer intern at a top REPE in the west coast. I was paid a low hourly wage; however, I found it to be a very valuable experience. I have learned a lot about PE, and gained decent excel and modeling skills (also Bloomberg and some Cap IQ). The models I have worked on have not necessarily been typical IB valuation models (comps, DCF, mergers), instead, we emphasized on IRR and equity multiples.

I have also built workbooks from scratch that show variances of different metrics (like the ones above) from two different time periods (data was gathered using VLOOKUP function).

I have been told I've been doing a very good job and have been offered to extend my internship to the Fall. I have been working for ~60 hours/wk, but the Fall position would be part-time and I would assist with financial modeling. It would be ideal to hopefully leverage that into a full-time offer, but it obviously isn't a guarantee so I am going to go through BB IB OCR recruiting at my west coast semi-target. I am an incoming senior.

From what I explained about my experience, how valuable do you think my experience at the top PE firm is to a BB IB? A lot of my competitors for similar positions are going to be previous SAs at BBs. My modeling experience is somewhat irrelevant since its PE, so I'm kind of concerned about that, because I don't have typical IB valuation modeling experience, like building DCFs and 3-statement models. What do you guys think?

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Aug 5, 2012

Why don't you stick to PE? You know BB IB plp will fight for PE offers.

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Aug 5, 2012

I would love to stick to PE, in fact that is my goal in the long run.

I don't know if the recent extension offer I received at the PE firm can be leveraged to a FT offer after graduation. That would be ideal, but I have to try to get an IB offer as backup (or, if salary/bonus is significantly higher, I wouldn't mind taking the IB offer).

Aug 6, 2012

Anybody else have some insight?

Sep 3, 2016