Top Tier Growth Equity Associate Compensation?

Was wondering what type of comp to expect as a 1st/2nd year associate at a top growth equity fund (think $5B+ AUM, does late stage venture deals)

1st Year analyst comp is ~150-170k

What does comp progression look like after that?
What late stage venture firms are known for paying more/less?

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Nov 11, 2018

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You're welcome.

Nov 13, 2018


Nov 13, 2018

If you're asking about firms like TA and Summit, it's like $200-250k. Or at least it was at the beginning of the decade (and wages probably haven't grown much).

Nov 14, 2018

How would comp not have changed since 2010 when IBD/PE comp has risen?

Sounds entitled, but given 150 - 170k 1st year analyst all-in comp, doesn't 200-250k for associate sound a bit low?

What might Insight / TCV / GA comp look like?

Nov 14, 2018

I don't know that PE comp has risen (though IB has). They (pe vs ib labor market) are different market dynamics though - for one thing, the fact that in PE there's not really good knowledge (case in point: this thread) and way more employers makes it harder to make confident assessments about comp in general. In turn that makes pe firms less inclined to bump pay compared to banks.

If a second year ib analyst makes call it 180 on avg then gets bumped to 240 in pe, you would call that 'low'?? it's a 33% bump...

Probably similar

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Jan 1, 2019


Jan 1, 2019

To the best of my knowledge, comps in growth equity is similar to that in IB. While comp doesn't make substantial difference for entry level guys, it's the lifestyle, career path and carry for senior staff that make PE more appealling.

Jan 1, 2019

GA first year associate intake of 2017 was 250$ total.

Jan 1, 2019

Is it just me or does $250k for GA seem a little low given their size?

Jan 5, 2019

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