University of Miami vs Northeastern vs University of Delaware

So I got into all three of these schools and I have no idea where to go since I want to go into Finance and more specifically IB or AM.  I know all these schools aren't necessarily target school but I would like to know which school offers the best opportunity to break into these fields.  Northeastern makes sense because of their co-op and Miami might be a good choice since some firms might be moving some operations down there.  Delaware also has some decent placement.  Any answer would help. 

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Apr 7, 2021 - 7:52pm

I think UM is slightly ahead of NE and both are way ahead of UD. Miami will be a lot more enjoyable, no brainer.  

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Apr 8, 2021 - 1:28am

If you're primarily focused on your career, I would do Northeastern as the benefits of the co-op program can't be ignored. But if you care about having a good social experience at college than do UM because there isn't a massive difference in career placement.  

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Apr 8, 2021 - 2:12am

NE student here. Pretty legitimate chances of both IB and AM. By your 2nd or 3rd co-op you have very good chances of being given a return offer. Plenty of students will do a co-op or 2 and then have no problem securing an SA position (of course with some networking).

I know KKR offers some co-ops but in general PE is almost impossible from here, but there's a good amount of VC opportunities

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