Unusual Exit Opp From PE?

Hey lads, I'm currently a VP at Apollo, making a decent amount above street, still not quite at 7 figures even after carry and co-invest.

I know that PE is usually the "exit" in our industry, and I can't hop to MBB or something more interesting because I've already gotten a MBA from Wharton.

I've recently been scouted to become a model by one of the bulge bracket equivalents in the fashion industry (think Elite, Storm, etc) at a tier 1 city (think London, NYC, LA). The "group" I would be joining is a prestigious one (think the equivalent of TMT, LevFin, M&A, meaning catwalk or magazine modelling, not commercials or billboards) and comp would be above street from what I've researched (talking to my female model friends). 

I'm debating whether to leave PE for modelling and here's the pros and cons that I've come up with so far, but I still need another opinion.


  • WLB would be better (~30 hours a week compared to ~70 currently, but a lot more travelling, probably as much as MBB)

  • More recession-proof, as high fashion products are inelastic and have strong pricing power (similar to supercars, yachts, penthouses)

  • I would save money on Tinder Gold as I would have the opportunity to meet women of my caliber at my workplace.


  • More interaction with minorities (the current shop I'm at is pretty much exclusively WASPy types, even the females)

  • No set path to the top (For PE I was aiming for partner, or lateral as a principal to a MM that isn't an absolute sweatshop like Apollo), there's no Analyst -> Associate -> VP -> MD like there is in IBD. This is a big one, since I lived my life around formulaic paths to success like WHYP/Oxbridge -> BB -> HSW -> PE MF, I would need to take a complete 180 on how I approach life.

  • Lower comp ceiling, I won't be raking in 15-20MM like I potentially would be as a partner at Apollo, but this isn't a big deal as I'm set to inherit a 23000sqft property in the Hamptons in a couple years, as well as another 12000sqft property in Nantucket soon.

Overall, I love the WASP culture and comp at Apollo, but I would have better WLB balance and access to top quality broads if I exit.

NOTE: Some small details have been changed, as a VP at a PE MF attractive enough to be scouted as a model could easily be identified via process of elimination.

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Comments (8)

  • Analyst 2 in IB-M&A
Oct 21, 2021 - 1:35am

Marc Rowan here - I'm surprised the analyst day yesterday didn't convince you to stay. Please promptly submit the internal feedback form and I will make sure one of your associates reads it. 

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  • Associate 3 in PE - LBOs
Oct 21, 2021 - 2:08pm

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