Venture capital database required- India china


needed a quick advise. i want a detailed database of all listed private equity/venture capital funds in asia( india/china mainly)

any idea where i can get any kind of info in this regard...i dnt hv access to capiq or bloomberg as of present and was thinking if there is any website anyone is aware of where i can get this data from...

even partial list or any kinda help will be much appreaciated

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Sep 11, 2012 - 10:52am

google dude.

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Sep 11, 2012 - 11:30am

you're lucky i'm in a good mood today:

Aditya Birla Private Equity
Aranca (Mumbai) Pvt., Ltd.
Ascent Capital Advisors
Axis Private Equity Ltd.
BanyanTree Finance Pvt. Ltd.
Beijing Hony Future Investment Advisor Ltd.
Blue Oak Capital China
CAC Capital Management Co. Ltd.
Canbank Venture Capital Ltd.
Capital Today
CBC Capital
CDH Investments
Changsha Science & Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Gongtou Industry Venture Capital Investment Co., Ltd.
China Development Financial Co., Ltd
China Science and Merchants Capital Management Co., Ltd.
China-Africa Development Fund
Comway Capital Group
Elevation China Capital
Emploi Globale Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Everstone Capital Ltd
Fang Fund Partners
Fortune Link
Forum Synergies
Future Value Capital
GP Capital Co., Ltd
Guangdong Merchant Venture Capital Limited
Guolian Financial Investment Group Co.
Hangzhou Hi-Tech Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Harbin-Israel Equity Investment Company
High Street Capital Private Limited
HOPU Jinghua (Beijing) Investment Consultancy Co., Ltd.
ICICI Venture
IDBI Capital Market Services Limited
IDFC Private Equity
IDG Capital Partners
IL&FS Investment Managers Limited (BSE:511208)
India Emerging Capital Private Limited
India Value Fund Advisors Private Limited
Indiaco Ventures Ltd (BSE:506131)
Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
JC Asia Alpha Private Equity
Jiangsu Jiuzhou Investment Group
JiangSu KunShan GTJA Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Top-Bridge Capital Co. Ltd.
Jing Lue Capital
Kotak Private Equity Group
Legend Capital
Libord Finance Ltd (BSE:511593)
Libord Securities Ltd (BSE:531027)
Luxin Venture Capital Group Co., Ltd., Investment Arm
Mahindra Partners
Morningside Group (Holdings) Limited
Morpheus Capital Advisors
Mosaic Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Motilal Oswal Private Equity Advisors Private Limited
Nereus Capital, LLC
Netscribes Inc., Research Division
Netz Capital
NewMargin Ventures
Nirvana Venture Capital Limited
Origo Partners Plc (AIM:OPP)
OYD Capital (Beijing) Co. Ltd
Panthera Capital Group
Paterson Securities Pvt. Ltd.
PNR Securities Limited
Prax Capital
Probe Equity Research Pvt. Ltd.
Reliance Capital Private Equity
Religare Venture Capital Limited
Sage Capital Advisors
Schulze Global Investments Limited
SGR Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Shanda Capital
Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd.
Shanghai Ever Bright Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hinwill Investment Co. Ltd.
Shanghai Join-Venture Capital
Shanghai Prosperity Fund Management Co. Ltd
Shanghai Tangson, Ltd.
Shanghai Win Capital Pte. Ltd.
Share Link Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen CDF-Capital Company Limited
Shenzhen Co-win Venture Capital Investments Limited
Shenzhen Lihe Qingyuan Venture Capital Management Co.
Shenzhen Richland Investment Ltd.
SIG Capital Limited
SinoLatin Capital, Investment Arm
Subhkam Ventures
Success Capital Partners
SUN Group
Tata Capital Private Equity
TCIB Investment Company Limited
Thinagee Investments India
Thomas Weisel International Private Limited, Investment Arm
Tianjin Hitech-Investment Co., Ltd.
Tiantu Capital Co., Ltd.
Touch Wood
Tsing Capital
Unilazer Ventures
Ventureast Fund Advisors India Limited
Wodehouse Capital Advisors Private Ltd., Investment Arm
Yimei Capital Management
Yunfeng Capital
Zero2IPO Ventures
Zhejiang Paradise Silicon-valley Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Venture Capital Group Co., Ltd.

Sep 12, 2012 - 1:19am

thanks alot man....really appreciate this...yes i know google is the simple answer but rather than going for it from scratch its always better to optimise your search:-) in this case wso!

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