Visual Basic; useful for an analyst?

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This is my first post so forgive me for my sins!

As part of my degree programme, I've the option to take an elective in Visual Basic. I'm aware that programming skills are particularly useful in analyst roles within IB and S&T. However, with so many programming languages in use, how relevant is VB in reality?

Thanks for all advice offered. :-)

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Sep 29, 2011

VB.NET or VBA? I'm assuming you mean VBA. Very useful for monotonous work and rapid reiteration. You will definitely save time in the long run if you take advantage of it. The former is a full-on development language and would not be necessary for the responsibilities of a junior spreadsheet monkey.

Sep 29, 2011

VBA is very relevant in AM. I would suggest taking the elective as being able to code Excel and various other MS Office app's is extremely useful.

Sep 29, 2011

Very useful, but might not warrant an entire class. You can learn 90% of what you need to know from a book and the other 10% from google.

Use this one. It takes you through building models strictly using excel functions and then has you rebuild it with VBA.

Aug 13, 2012