Wells Fargo Diversity Sophomore Leadership Conference - Decisions Released?

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I was wondering if anybody here applied for this program (particularly in Corporate & Commercial banking, because I think the IB program might have a different notification timeline) and was notified? With over 1,000 applicants I figure there must be a few here. They said in the conference call that the decisions would be rendered by this week.

If so, did they reach out via. e-mail or phone for 1st round? Did they send out a rejection e-mail? I haven't gotten anything yet and am hoping I didn't give them the wrong e-mail or something

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Dec 11, 2015

I got a rejection email on Nov. 24.

Dec 11, 2015

That's strange, I haven't gotten a rejection e-mail but I also haven't gotten an acceptance e-mail or a call to schedule first round... Is this normal practice? Am I waitlisted or something?

Edit: Actually I realized you specified on Nov. 24. Are you talking about the IB program or the Wholesale banking program? I think they said the timeline is different if you applied to the IB program or if you applied to both.

Dec 11, 2015

IB program

Dec 11, 2015

Got it. Anyone here who just applied for Commercial and Corporate hear back from someone at WF?

Dec 12, 2015

Applied to both, but have not heard back from either yet.

Dec 16, 2015

Anyone hear back?

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Dec 19, 2015

Strange - about a week after they said they would have all the decisions out but figured I'd update incase anyone was wondering: just got the rejection letter.

Dec 19, 2015

Why is the pay so much lower than the IB one?

Jan 9, 2016

How much does the IB one pay for?

Jun 22, 2017