What do you consider before quitting your job?

Hi! I recently started a blog about quitting a job and the after life (people who go out to start their own businesses and leave an industry). The guy who recently quit his job via popping a champagne bottle got me thinking and I've run into several people lately who have quit without having another option. They were just burnt out and desperately needed a change. I have a lot of questions regarding this topic but I'll start with this one. For those of you who have moved on to greener pastures, what was an obstacle that made you second guess leaving? So far I've thought of: the money, the insurance (health), maintaining your quality of life and the thought that you're making a huge mistake...non compete is another thing that's made me second guess leaving a job.

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Jul 20, 2018

todayiquitmyjob, pure crickets, that's where I come in. Any of these useful?

  • Quitting time- views on how to leave your job ask your boss if he would like to have coffee with you one morning either before or after you leave ... tell your existing employers you're leaving, then find something has gone wrong on your new ... You can tell them that you want to confirm this before you tell
  • How To Quit Your Job (And Still Win) doesn't excite you. Think about your day-to-day in your current job. What tasks do you put off? What kind ... You're going to quit at least one job in your life, probably several. In fact, 2.8 million ... Americans quit their jobs every month.
  • How Bad Is It To Leave Your Job After One Year? question about leaving your job after one year. You can read them below. User @YourWorstEnemy, a hedge fund ... months can disadvantage you in the job search. IlliniProgrammer- Hedge Fund Quant: You do owe your first ... myself career wise. Is Quitting Your Job After a Year Bad? When beginnin
  • Why My Greatest Achievement As A Goldman Sachs VP Was Quitting I began transforming my career and life, What Do I Want? After all these years, job changes, moving ... were paid (when you should do nothing more than keep your head down), I headed into the corner office ... have honest and compassionate relationships with your bosses, their reaction to you quitting will be ...
  • Anyone Regret Quitting their Investment Banking Job? you quit, the less likely you are to regret quitting. Read More About Quitting Your Job on WSO ... nice for the people who can get out and become rockstars, but what happens if you leave banking, try ... shit as the pay is not that great, but once you hit VP it will all start to make sense. If you
  • Quit An Internship Without Ruining Future Prospects fellow alumni. It all depends on the terms in which you leave your position on. "aerospaceeric- ... regardless. Another point is that you should consider that your boss at an internship may be an important ... can refer you elsewhere after, perhaps you should stay. If you have decided to leave your inter
  • HELP! Quit before you start? considering dropping the offer and doing something completely different, although I am not quite sure what ... I don't know what to do. I've been working my ass off to get into IB from a non-target, get my grades ... a positive recommendation. Now weeks before starting my FT BB stint, I'm having severe second thoughts. ...
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Jul 22, 2018

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Jul 25, 2018